About Us


In 2005 I graduated from the University of Adelaide with the certificate of Commercial Arbitration; this fed my desire to undertake further studies in the dispute resolution field.

My design and practical experience in electrical, air conditioning, refrigeration, Building Management Systems, Fire technologies and the construction industry in general all go to the efficient pursuit of a result in a dispute. Having now run over 400 successful cases of various sizes under the Building Industry Security of Payment Act and the associated mediations, history has shown that the vast number of disputes in the construction industry tend to be a matter of fact rather than a matter of law.

To that end my understanding of the industry combined with my dispute resolution qualifications gives me a unique perspective on disputes and allows me to get to the base of the issue quickly which equates to a more economical outcome for the client.

My experience and training has given me an opportunity to learn to communicate on all levels from the boardroom to the workshop floor.

I have a unique combination of qualifications and experience that gives me an ability to provide a service to an organisation. I believe others who have not had my opportunities are not in a position to deliver.


We are not lawyers and we don’t charge like lawyers. Our ability to understand the issues in a dispute gives us an ability to deal with small to medium issues fast and efficiently.

We work in a number of areas but primarily in the Building and Construction Industry; we can offer services not only in dispute resolution, but in Engineering, Tendering and Technical consulting services.

Our background in construction allows us to deal with many disputes at the heart on the dispute “On Site” we don’t expect our clients to stop work and loose more money while they try and earn a living, 30 years in the industry gives me an understanding of exactly how hard it is. We will do all we can to make your issues cause as little disruption as possible.

Our life is made up of dealing with the issues that many legal organisations find too small to handle, but we know how hard it is to earn a living in the construction industry and any loss hurts, we understand that and we know it hurts because we have been there.