Security of Payment NSW & ACT

Security of Payment NSW & ACT

The 30 year history in the contracting industry makes William(Bill) Guthrie extremely aware of the needs of contractors to be paid for works carried out and he is an expert in Security Of Payment in NSW. Links with ANA’s allows you to have matters of up to $5,500.00 for adjudication for a fixed sum of $650.00. If you need assistance in the preparation of your claim or you need assistance with the preparation of your payment schedule Bill Guthrie can manage your submission for you. We like to call it affordable justice. For more details on the Security Of Payment Act. In 1999 the NSW Government introduced the Building & Construction Industry Security Of Payment Act.

It is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) designed to help those in the construction and related industries with the cash flow of their business and relieve the business from some of the financial burdens and inherent delays in taking a matter to the courts.

With over thirty years experience in the construction industry and with the quasi legal qualifications to support the experience our group is in a unique position to offer assistance to those who find themselves in a position where they feel payment has been unjustly withheld or alternative payment has been unjustly demanded.

The process is expedited by the use of the adjudication process via an ANA rather than by the court system.

The adjudication process is inherently a faster and less costly form of ADR for those in the construction and associated industries.

It does not matter what section of the building or construction industry you are from we can service yours needs.

Object of the Act

Gives the claimant a statutory right to make progress payment claims and receive payment, even where the contract has no provision for progress payments. If you legitimately do the work you are entitled to be paid.

The Security of Payment Act is devised to allow the supplier of goods and services to be paid in good time for the works done as per the agreement or contract.

As many public authorities, developers, builders big and small have discovered, the Act is changing the way they treat their contractors with regard to the right to proper progress payments regardless of the contract.

Deceptive conduct under the contract is no longer acceptable and more importantly not a profitable way of treating their contractors and suppliers.